Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Become an Electrical Lineman

Working as an electrical lineman is a very rewarding career, but it's not for the wimps. You have to be smart and brave to go through electrical lineman school. In fact, in lineman training, you use every skill you have and learn new ones. A lineman job isn't for everyone. Electrical lineman school can help you get electrical lineman training.
Step 1
Get into shape. You won't be accepted into electrical lineman school if you can't pass a physical exam. Climbing around at those heights isn't a job for the weak or overweight.
Step 2
Brush up on those math skills. You'll be calculating things all the time as a lineman. Once you've been working for a while, you'll be able to eyeball and estimate like a pro. But you have to learn the math formulas, things you might not have done since high school. Even if you didn't do well in school math, you might still have a mathematical mind. Don't be discouraged. Using math in real life, on the job, is different than studying meaningless math in a textbook. In fact, schools are teaching math differently now than they did when you were a kid for that very reason.
Step 3
Learn how to withstand extreme adverse weather conditions. When the rest of the world is cozy in their houses, relaxing, the electrical lineman are at the top of a pole somewhere freezing their behinds off. Likewise in the summer they're up there without shade or air conditioning, wearing heavy electrical safety gear. In the wind, too. In fact, in lineman training you'll learn that the wind is one of the most common weather forces to deal with. For one thing, you're at the top of a pole with nothing to shield you. For another thing, the wind knocks down a lot of power lines. On the bright side. as long as the wind is blowing you'll have a job.
Step 4
Enroll in an electrical lineman school. Electrical lineman training is a fantastic way to begin a new high-paying career as an electrical lineman. There are lineman jobs in every state and country.

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