Thursday, November 19, 2009

نرم افزار جدید سیستم مدیریت ایمنی Safety Management System

PureSafety, a leading provider of training, safety, occupational health and medical management
software and information solutions, has released the industry’s first Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS).
The Enterprise LSMS incorporates the best features of PureSafety’s legacy LMS, but is designed to integrate critical and closely related areas including training, safety and compliance. Designed using the latest web-based technology, a highly intuitive user interface and an innovative platform will allow PureSafety to quickly and cost-effectively add more tools and features to meet client needs.
The LSMS offers improved functionality, ease of use, stability and security. It allows clients to automate more administrative tasks, and ensures timely, accurate tracking and reporting of critical training and safety information.
The LSMS’s flexible hierarchy accommodates even the most complex organizational or reporting structure, enabling program management across multiple locations or business units, while reducing the burden on administrators. The newly created Content Creation System (CCS) option allows customers to efficiently edit any of PureSafety’s 600+ off-the-shelf courses. Using the CCS, customers can also create new courses or other forms of content such as pre-tests and post-tests, safety incident summaries, policies or other related items from scratch. The expanded survey engine supports various safety and general survey needs, safety inspections and audits, and is a powerful facilitator of information gathering and feedback.

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