Thursday, November 19, 2009

معرفی یک سیستم وایرلس برای ارتباط کارکنان سایت CrewCom™ Wireless Systems

There are times when voice communications between workers are mission critical for safety or increased productivity. CrewCom™ Wireless allows multiple workers to speak hands-free in full-duplex – like a telephone with everyone on an extension. Additionally, different groups of workers can communicate separately on a single system. If needed, supervisory or other personnel can change communications from one group to another group simply and quickly.
CrewCom Wireless all-digital technology takes advantage of the latest advances in digital radio transmission. It uses a special frequency (2.4 GHz) that requires no end-user government licensing of any kind anywhere in the world. The latest advances in semiconductors and battery technology allow for a lightweight, comfortably designed system that allows up to 10 hours of use with the built-in rechargeable battery.
Other CrewCom Wirelss features include weather-resistant design, provision for two directly connected headsets and two additional wired BeltPacks at the BaseStation, and a variety of user headsets.

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