Monday, August 3, 2009

Wireless Safety Signal Light

Prevent undesirable incidents with the RCLX-36, Lumastrobe Warning Lights’ self-powered, remote-controlled safety signal light. Powered by two 6V alkaline lantern-style batteries, a single operator can activate up to six warning lights with a single controller within a range of 200 feet. The light signals can be deployed to identify dangerous or caution situations and controlled from a safe distance on the ground or from aerial positions. They can also serve as emergency situation or medical alert signals to draw attention to your precise location.
The light signal consists of 36 super-bright LEDs perfectly positioned behind individual luma diffuser optics for maximum light disbursement. Featuring 360-degree visibility, the low-current draw of LEDs will yield more than 250 operational hours per battery change. This is a dependable product for normal or rigorous applications.
The RCLX-36 is available in amber or red with bolt mounting on safety barrels or horses, or magnetic mounting on steel surfaces.
Lumastrobe Warning Lights

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